Getting Nigerian visa might be lifelong experience. You will probably never forget it. Here is listed 7 points which you should miss when applying for it:

  • Take night train to Wroclaw, Poland. (There is no Nigerian ambassy in Czech Republic, so just buy your ticket to Wroclaw straight away for less then 100 Euros).
  • Find the office. Try not to die in the crowd waiting there since early morning. Wednesdays and Thursdays are the only days when the visa are issued.
  • When its your turn, give the officer the documents. If they have some problems with your invitation letter, it might be because they hate your sending organization Deutsche Welle.
  • If you are instructed that without Permition of Ministry of Information you will not get the visa, try to explain you are a tourist, not one of the journalists which they hate because they are “likely to take wrong images of the beautiful country”.
  • If they do not believe you even after 7 hours of explanations and phone calls to Nigeria and Germany, try to explain it better. You might want to start crying (actually, not such a bed idea).
  • Accept invitation for dinner if offered by an officer and let him help you to get your visa in the last minute (after nine hours at the embassy)
  • ENJOY your dinner and another night train back!
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